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Josefin Wangel. Skip slideshow. Most frequent co-Author Kontakta Josefin Rosa Wangel Weithz, 41 år, Hägersten. Adress: Främlingsvägen 19, Postnummer: 126 48, Telefon: 070-247 12 .. Josefin Wangel gav 2 personer Karta. Josefin Rosa Wangel Weithz. Främlingsvägen 19B, 1201 12648 HÄGERSTEN.

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Wangel, J., Hesselgren, M., Eriksson, E., Broms, L. 2018. Revisiting Empowering Energy Futures: Practice-Oriented and Practice-Orienting Design. SCORAI 2018,  Josefin Wangel. Undisciplined sustainability researcher and educator.

By Josefin Wangel and Sara Ilstedt.

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2012-5-14 · JOSEFIN WANGEL angel The photograph on the cover is taken by Lars Epstein during the ”elm-tree battle” in Stockholm, May 1971. As part of the reconstruction of central Stockholm and the development of the underground, the City of Stockholm, backed up by the Swedish government had decided that thirteen old elm trees and a café Meike Schalk, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, School of Architecture, Faculty Member.

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TY - CONF AU - Miriam Börjesson Rivera AU - Elina Eriksson AU - Josefin Wangel PY - 2015/09 DA - 2015/09 TI - ICT practices in smart sustainable cities - In the intersection of technological solutions and practices of everyday life BT - EnviroInfo and ICT for Sustainability 2015 PB - Atlantis Press SP - 317 EP - 324 SN - 2352-538X UR - https In this paper, we present a structured report on a dialogue on the Future of Computing and Wisdom. The dialogue consists of a recorded and transcribed discussion between researchers and practitioners in the field of Human–Computer Interaction that was held at workshop in conjunction with the 10th Nordic Conference on Human–Computer Interaction in September 2018. Researcher Josefin Wangel is concerned that web trolls cause women to think twice about getting into scientific debates online. (Photo: Merc Femenia) Call for gender awareness draws trolls. Published Jun 14, 2016. Two KTH students were subjected to massive criticism in a comments section and on Facebook after a debate article in which they 2020-11-27 · NESS - Nordic Environmental Social Science Conference: Emergency and transformation If global environmental changes, including climate change, have taken decades to build up to an emergency, last year saw the almost instantaneous spread … Josefin Wangel.

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2 år sedan. Långsiktiga lösningar på Järva- och Almedalsveckan. Tankesmedjan Global Utmaning uppmärksammar  Josefin Wangel. medverkar i 1 program.
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By Sara Ilstedt and Josefin Wangel. Designing Sustainable Futures.

The paper is based on a case study of how the City of Stockholm has worked with integrating ICT solutions in the urban development project the 2011-1-7 Josefin Wangel Researcher & Co-Director SLU Urban Futures, SLU Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences all sorts of speculation, modernity and related narratives of domination, designing for discomfort, Juliana Spahr's poetry, soft prepping as resistance, your favorite beer, nudging. This article reports on a critical review of how cultural heritage is addressed in two internationally well-known and used neighborhood assessment tools (NSAs): BREEAM Communities (BREEAM-C) and LEED Neighborhood Design (LEED-ND). The review was done through a discourse analysis in which critical heritage studies, together with a conceptual linking of heritage to sustainability, served as the Under the leadership of Josefin Wangel, a researcher at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, the group investigates various ways to approach research issues and social challenges with a future perspective. Two open lunch lectures were arranged at the beginning of the semester and the lab’s participants meet every month (now over I believe that the combination of an initial ‘crash course’ and an open, exploratory project can attract many and inspire new, exciting research questions, says Josefin Wangel, Vice Programme Director of SLU Urban Futures.
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Two open lunch lectures were arranged at the beginning of the semester and the lab’s participants meet every month (now over Josefin Wangel & Sara Ilstedt, Green Leap, KTH Royal Institute of Technology . Objectives To create an accessible and concrete representation of everyday life in a sustainable, low-energy future. To contribute to normalize sustainable lifestyles . Why? Greening consumption is not enough. Josefin Wangel, 2016-05-10 Foreword About this report This report describes the development of grading criteria for the course AG2805 Sustainable Planning and Design, carried out through the course LH216V Develop the Learning Through Using Grading Criteria.

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[62] M Santamouris. 2014.

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